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About Brodrick

I'm a 29 year old (mad) computer scientist.

I’ve been playing with computers since I was ten. I built my first website when I was 12 because I ran into a 10 year old in a chat room (remember those?) who had his own site and I thought “If he can do it, so can I.” Whatever project or hobby I’ve had over the years I have always encased and/or showcased it in a website.

Upon graduating high school in Memphis , TN (as valedictorian) I was naturally drawn to major in Computer Science at the University of Tennessee. I began building websites for the various organizations on campus and eventually created a social network, defunct).

Skills acquired from my college years, and multiple internships at Autozone and BMW lead to me joining the E-Commerce team at International Paper.

Just as I always have, I serve as the IT for various organizations in the city of Memphis. I continue to develop my skills by creating things for fun, and my current studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology(Georgia Tech).

Check out some of my hobbies and projects below.

My Qualifications

Development is not just my career. It's my passion.

I'm Versatile

I adapt to different environments and pride myself on developing new skills.

I'm a Life Long Learner

I love learning and exploring new horizons. This thirst for knowledge fueled me to pursue a Master's of Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology. I am specializing in Computing Systems with plans to study user interface and user experience design.

I See Things Through

I pride myself on seeing results. I make sure work is done efficiently and effectively..

I'm Excited About Development

Whether at work, or at home I love creating digital experiences. My passion for development allows time to fly. I'm good at it, because I love it.


I've been developing since I was 12 years old.

  • 2005 - Present

    Independent Consulting

    This is where I have had most of my fun. I am the IT for multiple organizations. I have built websites and a mobile app, as well as managed email accounts and newsletters.

    I also have projects to build a Social Network and another mobile application.

  • Summer 2008 & Summer 2009


    2008 - As my first internship as a programmer I created a job for myself. I taught myself GUI design and wrote a program to merge Fedex Trade Data into one searchable database.

    2009 - The next summer at AutoZone I joined the Z-Net Team. This was my first experience in a team environment. I helped to implement several features in the program.

  • Summer 2010

    BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC

    As a research and development intern our jobs where to come up with innovative uses of technology at BMW. I learned iOS development and, developed an iPhone app for use in BMW vehicles.

  • 2011-2016

    International Paper

    For over 4 years I have been the primary front-end developer for suite of applications. Initially I modernized the suite to work on multiple browsers by designing an HTML5/CSS3 template to be applied across the landscape. I have made responsive designs to allow the applications to be viewable on mobile devices and I have continuously made design changes to make OrderIP more usable. I also wrote Java data retrieval modules on OrderIP backend with consideration for efficiency and running time complexity

    I have also done some mobile development and SAP work

  • 2016- Present


    As a Systems Engineer at Autozone I am responsible for maintaining and improving the processes that support Autozone's E-Commerce.


I'm Midas with my spare time.

Stig's Poetry

A site of poetry yours truly and classmates from middle and high school. Though I could modernize this site, I wrote it in PURE HTML, using no page builders or special editors. Just me and NotePad. Occasionally I throw a new poem on there.

Stig's Poetry


M.U.G.E.N. is a engine for creating your own fighting game. I spent several years in high school and college working on a project I had to realize my "Dream" of a fun Dragonball Z game. M.U.G.E.N. gave me my first experience writing code for something other than a website, and ultimately led to my decision to pursue Computer Science. I am pretty famous in the M.U.G.E.N community for this project. This site is also pure HTML made completely from tables and the News(they call them blogs now) is hard coded).

Mugen Dream

Kunio Dodgeball Translation

An old Geocities page for a project I had to Translate the SNES game Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball dayo Zenin Shuugou! (sequel to the NES game Super Dodgeball). The game was only released in Japan and as such had no English version. I HEX and bitmap edited my way into creating a patch to translate the game into English. Surprisingly the Geocities page is still up.

Stig87s Kunio Kun No Dodgeball Translation

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